With a third of the working population being over 50 by 2020, less young people entering the job market and increasing immigration restrictions, organisations need to retain and train their midlife professionals to keep them engaged

Why is it important?

  • Demographic changes

Relating to the above mentioned demographic changes, midlife career coaching will be beneficial for your organisation as well as for your employees. This will result in reducing sick leave and lower redundancy and recruitments costs while at the same time increasing your employee’s motivation and satisfaction.

  • Future succession and retirement planning.

Due to the removal of the Default Retirement Age in 2011, organisations are not always aware or prepared for the retirement of their staff causing operational and knowledge gaps. On one hand employees will remain longer in the company than expected and on the other hand employees can unexpectedly retire without warning.

How can we help?

  • Offering one to one coaching

After an initial intake we will discuss the approach we will take and put together a customised coaching programme. Examples of tools we will use are the Wheel of Life, the Core Quadrant model by Daniel Ofman and StrengthsFinder by Gallup as well as other relevant coaching tools. In these sessions, the emphasis will be on your employee’s current status and which areas they would like to improve or develop further for their future career in your organisation

  • Pre-retirement coaching

After an initial intake with employees who are considering retiring, we can offer pre-retirement coaching to find out their future commitment within and outside the organisation. In these sessions we can focus for example on the possibilities of flexible working, mentoring within the organisation, working for a non-profit organisation or volunteering options outside the organisation

  • SMART Action plan

The result of the one to one coaching sessions will always result into a SMART action plan. This action plan should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound and will be monitored by the coach and employee.