Core Quadrant United Kingdom

The core quadrant is known as a strength model which makes people aware of the unique, intrinsic core qualities they are born with and therefore come effortless to them.

Instead of focusing on what we don’t like or are not good at this model is an eye opener for creating and growing your self-awareness.

It will also make you aware of the shadow-side of your qualities, your pitfalls, and how to be able to develop your challenges to be able to avoid getting into these pitfalls in the first place.

Simple But Powerful

It is a simple yet powerful model of polarity which helps us understand ourselves, improve relationships and sharpen our organisation attention.  See the explanation video below by the founder Daniel Ofman.

“The beauty of the model is that you can grasp the concept of core quadrants in 5 minutes and yet it can keep you busy for the rest of your life” – Daniel Ofman



Being introduced to the core quadrant model in 2002, certified in 2008 and re-certified in 2020 I am passionate about using this model in my coaching sessions. I am part of the European network of Core Quality certified trainers and interested in introducing and expanding this strength tool into the United Kingdom by offering certification trainings, one day workshops and – to be developed- online trainings.

Certification, webinars and core qualities book

We are currently developing bespoke online webinars to replace the live three certification programme due to the continuing restrictions of live meetings.

We sell the English version ‘Core qualities and the core quadrant’ by Daniel Ofman. It is a very practical booklet which gives a clear overview and insight of the model and the different ways it can be applied. If you decide to attend one of the future workshops or certification programmes you will get a full discount of your order.

The book costs £15 which includes the postage in the United Kingdom
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